Hello, yes I know I am a tad late, but hello

This is the post excerpt.


Hi everyone, or to those who are reading :). You may have noticed but this is my first blog post and I know that there are billions of blogs already, but who cares, I’m just gonna roll with it. I have no absolute clue what I’m gonna write about though…

Lets start off, my name is not Hafsah, but that’s what it’s gonna be in the blog life. I am the age of whatever you want me to be. I like to cook and bake, I LOVE art, I want to become a Paediatrician, and open up a bakery one day.  Maybe name it Hafsah’s and sell macaroons and brownies, set it up somewhere like Italy. Cannot waiiiittttt.

Now I started this blog as I wanted somewhere that I can put out my thoughts, and ideas, my interests and jut general things. I also want to meet others who can relate to me. I honestly dont know what this blog will even be focused about, but that’s a journey that I am excited to embark on (look at me using some big English words).

I think that’s it for now, I don’t really know what else to write about, but if any of you guys have any suggestions, questions or comments, hit me up, I don’t know where, but hit me up.  I probably will make a better post about myself soon, if needed, like if you want to read more about me. Like if you don’t, then that’s okay, I wont post anything more about me.

But any whoooooo, will blog you later, byee


Before I actually leave, here’s a lil old paint painting i made of my bakery in Italy- nice isn’t it 🙂

Diary entry of 28/01/2018

Hey guyyys, I am back again, with another post. I’m gonna make this like a little diary entry.

So I woke up like around ten- I went to bed at ten as well so that calculates to 12 hours sleep. That’s actually so bad but oh well 😅. I had my breakfast and did some chores (as any usuall teenager does on their weekend) and I went out. I went to a supermarket and got ramen (the shin cup one) and some kit Kat bar. Now I can back home, munched on a few Oreos and now I am typing my blog. Pretty interesting huh 😂😅.

Well that’s the end of my diary for today. Usually people do the whole day thing but I did a half day- today isn’t even over. I just wanted to do something I guess, since I did all my homework already.

I will probably do another post later, maybe a lovely tutorial on how to make ramen since it’s such a difficult thing to do 🙃🙃. Anywhoooo, I will blog you later, byeeeee


Jungkook looking hella fine here